• Anchor4PL project cover page


    Cutting-edge solution for e-Commerce and supply chain management

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  • AI Chatbot project cover page

    AI Chatbot

    Engage with our AI Chatbot to address your inquiries regarding App Development

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  • Balloon Trip project cover page

    Balloon Trip

    Flappy bird style game inspired by the “Balloon Fight”

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  • Eliduck Island project cover page

    Eliduck Island

    Use your voice to summon any object that you can think of to solve robust puzzles

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  • PVA AI project cover page

    EVA AI

    Designed to perform everyday tasks such as ticket booking, online shopping and so on

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  • Goldrute news site cover page

    Goldrute 富源


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  • PUA Catcher project cover page

    PUA Catcher

    Leverages AI to help better identify insincere dating behaviors

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  • Soluna project cover page


    Perfect blend of art, traditions and technology to create kinetic sand art

  • TiyanPie project cover page


    Exclusive hangout platform that connects sponsors with influencers at must-visit destinations

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  • Tank Battle TD project cover page

    Tank Battle TD

    Inspired by “Battle City”, destroy enemy tanks and protect home base

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