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AI Solutions

  • Betting Odds GPT

    Betting Odds

    Explains and calculates betting odds with clear rationale

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  • Bid Master GPT

    Bid Master

    Drafts professional RFP/RFI/RFQ for SMEs

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  • PVA AI project cover page

    Eva AI

    Designed to perform everyday tasks such as ticket booking, online shopping and so on

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  • I Am Rich GPT

    I Am Rich

    Simulated High-Net-Worth Individual Experience

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  • 防渣AI GPT



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  • PUA Catcher APP

    PUA Catcher (Apps)

    Leverages AI to help better identify insincere dating behaviors

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  • PUA Catcher GPT

    PUA Catcher (GPT)

    Expert at identifying PUA techniques

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  • RFP制作 GPT



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  • 投注算法 GPT



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  • AI Chatbot project cover page

    Volckano Chatbot

    Engage with our AI Chatbot to address your inquiries regarding App Development

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